Muadz Lubis, Zaid Lubis

[Aldebaran ★ Altair] February ‘17

How on earth is already March?! Two days back to work and I already need to take another childcare leave 😦 Will perhaps write a separate post on the topic, but for now, please enjoy some pictures of Z and M from last month! 05/02/17 Isn’t this cute or isn’t this cute?! And coincidentally, Husband… Continue reading [Aldebaran ★ Altair] February ‘17

Muadz Lubis, Zaid Lubis

[Aldebaran ★ Altair] January ‘17

And just like that - in the blink of an eye - January passed by. February is finally here and only few weeks until I am back to work. As much as I love my boys, going back to work is somehow exciting for me. I would be the first one to vouch that stay-at-home… Continue reading [Aldebaran ★ Altair] January ‘17

Zaid Lubis

New Kid on The Block! One fine Saturday morning, we were getting ready to visit one of our friends. And out of the blue, this boy decided to ditch his hate for a hat and even posed for few pictures! Oh how my boy has grown. I am so gonna miss his babbles soon ;~;