Dream Series, Fanny Writes


As we lied down on the grass, I looked at him, smiling peacefully while gazing at the sky. "What are you thinking?" I asked. I could feel my throat is choked while I was trying to hold back tears. "On how ... in the next two weeks, I will be married." I could feel my… Continue reading Butterflies

Dream Series

You are a couple?

“Come on, you. I don’t believe a handsome guy like you don’t have a girlfriend yet!” Sally teased him again. I could only smile from behind. If only she knew.. “Well, I do have a girlfriend.” He flashed his megawatt smile. A smile that always makes me falling in love. Sally’s jaw dropped. “Are you freaking… Continue reading You are a couple?

Dream Series


“I really… really like you…” Ella heard the voice from behind her. Toby’s hands were slowly enveloping her in a back hug. And Ella could feel herself moving away. No. “Ella.” “No,” she firmly said. And she felt like crying. I need him. And then she left, half running. * Ella finally found the elevator.… Continue reading Again