Dream Series, Fanny Writes


As we lied down on the grass, I looked at him, smiling peacefully while gazing at the sky. "What are you thinking?" I asked. I could feel my throat is choked while I was trying to hold back tears. "On how ... in the next two weeks, I will be married." I could feel my… Continue reading Butterflies

Fanny Writes

Kesempatan dari Papa

Bismillah, Bicara soal kesempatan, saya mau ga mau jadi ingat Papa. I don’t have such a close relationship with him. I am not Daddy’s little daughter at all. Memori saya tentang masa kecil saya dengan Papa adalah Papa yang keras dan mendidik saya dengan tangan besi. Papa saya selalu bilang, beliau tidak bisa mewariskan harta… Continue reading Kesempatan dari Papa



Sho/Ohno; Always “Satoshi-kun?” Ohno snuggled a bit hearing his name mentioned. He opened his eyes a bit, and he found a pair of eyes staring at him. “Sho-kun? What time is it now?” “It’s.. almost 3 am.” “Why didn’t you sleep?” “I.. can’t” “You can’t?” Sho shook his head. Ohno straightened his body. They had… Continue reading Always